Straw Bale Home
Colorado Rocky Mountains

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Straw Bale House for Sale

by Owner/Builder


In the Colorado Rocky Mountains

on Five Forested Acres

$125,000   (Was $155,000)


The Hard Work is Done! Needs Finish Work.

$25k Owner Financing

Or Trade-Out for internet work.



The address is: 136 Grouse Cir Westcliffe, CO 81252

Appointments for house buyers to see the house are welcome.

Please review this website for the full details before hand -- this will answer most of your questions and help you determine if this house is for you.


(For those who are curious or want to get ideas about building their own straw bale house; At this time it is inconvenient for me to show the house to someone not seriously considering buying a home. Sorry, but I have a full schedule. Email me and I'll let you know let you know a future date when I will have an open house and invite you. Free to drive by and look at it from the road.)

Contact: Jerry at 719-873-3594

or email me: 

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Introduction: The house is fully functional and livable. I am the builder & owner of this straw bale home. I own the house outright (and have no mortgage).  I have built three straw bale houses in this area and have worked on several other straw-bale projects. This home was built as my home; this means I put in extra quality work and features in this house. The heavy construction is complete, that's about 85%; now some finish/detail work remains. Since this house is presently completely functional and livable as it is, this will allow you to move in immediately and live in it as you finish it. It would take a capable person about one month, full time, to complete the house. Equity-wise, you could hire out the work and still come out ahead.


To make this house complete, the additional, light-technical projects would range between $12K to $20K: this is mostly in labor-estimated costs. Most of the materials and supplies required to finish the house have already been purchase and are included with the purchase of the house. The final amount or work and money would depend on what you decide is needed. This would be easy equity for someone with the ability to complete these projects (or the ability to learn).


There is nothing that requires immediate attention, therefore you can work on the house when it is convenient.


Price -  $125K Cash. This is a very good price considering straw bale homes in other straw bale communities start at about $250K. I just dropped the price from $155K because I want to move ASAP. 


Owner financing: I'll consider owner financing $25,000 with low monthly payment reducing the initial payment to $100K.. Otherwise, subtract $5,000 from the total for full cash payment.


Partial Trade: I will consider reducing the price $20K for the right person who can make a five years commitment for establishing and maintaining an internet presence/promotion/marketing of a book (spiritual/metaphysical) via a web page and social media. Once the web pages/accounts are set up, two to four hours a week maintenance will be required - if that. Income opportunity, exteneded job, may arise from this - 35% of books income. Contact me for details.



The Area and Location

This 6-year-old home is in the South Central Rocky Mountains of Colorado. It is on 5 acres with 400+ pine trees. It is on a cul de sac road which has no traffic. There are two other summer weekend retreat homes on this road, so you have it all to you self, most of the time. Westcliffe is in Custer County and is the nearest town, 18 miles to the north. Custer County’s population is 3,500 and is not a substantial center for tourism, therefore living here is quiet and easy. The property is 75 miles southwest of Colorado Springs. Denver is 135 miles away.


Underground electric lines. Pine trees cover the area with occasional meadows and grass land valleys. The homes in the area are on five to 35 acre parcels with county maintained roads (including winter snow removal). The homes are mostly custom built in the $130,000 to $1,000,000+ price range. There are a few newer modular homes but no mobile homes.


This property sits in the Wet Mountains at 8750 feet elevation above a 7500 foot-elevation valley across from the 14,000 ft., snow-covered, Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The property has abundant wildlife. I continuously see deer, bear, bobcats, lynx, coyotes, foxes, squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, and a beautiful variety of birds. The animals are free to roam with few fences in the area. Several deer trails crisscross the property.

It is very quiet and peaceful here, and it has been the ideal setting to concentrate on a book I've been writing. When the house was fully livable in 2007, I shifted my priority to a book I wanted to write. Like the house, the book is almost finished, and I decided to travel. Like the house, the book is almost finished, and I decided to move closer to the ocean or tracel. I would like to spend one more winter here to finish the book; I love the contrast of the of winter in a warm straw bale home. We can work out a favorable rent payment or discount for my winter occupancy unless you need a place sooner.


The house sits on a slightly sloped, northern side of a pine-forested hill above Antelope Valley, which is what the subdivision is named. The house’s interior is 1200 sq. ft., and is 1400 sq., ft. on the exterior (keep in mind the straw-bale walls are 20” deep with stucco coat). It has two hexagon (bay-front type) entrances; therefore, the dimensions and sq. footage will be approximate and vary slightly. If viewed as two sections perpendicular to each other and sharing a common wall, the house exterior dimensions are 30’ x 25’ and 30’ x 21’, plus an 8’ x 8’ rear entry mud-room and a spacious loft over half one section.

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